Tingin Ngiti – Version 8

2022-03-25 - Tingin Ngiti Lyrics
A scanned page of Tingin Ngiti lyrics.

This instrumental version of Tingin Ngiti is nearing completion. What I mean by “completion” is self-satisfaction. Satisfaction that the melodic story has run its full course. Satisfaction that parts of the song have individual subtle flavors to them — this was done by sprinkling and interjecting chords and notes that I wanted to try. Without these twists, it might sound like a broken record, and I’m aiming for uniqueness in the verses.

A Sudden Turn

“Tingin, ngiti lang ba ang isusukli sa akin?” One line, yesterday morning, was dropped by my muse in my head. I excitedly shared it with Jaycelle even if the story has yet to unfold. A song title that was a mere wordplay is unraveling itself into a story of our lives together. The lyrics are currently crystallizing, taking the shape of the melody, and the melody taking the shape of the lyrics — a heterogeneous mixture.

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I’m particularly excited because I finally have a follow-up (potential) song for Jaycelle to sing. The last time was a long time ago.

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