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I’m being confounded about an article I’ve read about your logo being an image (and not a background image). You would notice about the differences between the two wherein img puts your actual image on the page and h1 replaces the text with a background image of your logo.

You may be using one method over the other — and to calm your nerves down, Facebook and WordPress use h1 approach while Google and Firefox use img approach (and a whole lot of different combinations for other sites out there).

Now, I won’t go into details about both methods because I’m sure you’re already using one — even different from the two mentioned. What’s important is the answer to “why are we using what we use?”

The answer lies on your priorities.

  • You like the underlying text to be the document title of your webpage
  • You like the logo to be presented as is — an image of a logo

If you’ve answered the former, then most likely you’re using h1 approach and the latter, img approach.

Personally, the way I test if I’m writing a web document properly is I strip it off everything — images and CSS — and see if it still makes sense from having semantic HTML elements to its document outline. And one of the natural steps in this test is having a heading on top of your document — usually the title of the site — it could be a logo or an photograph with an inscription — but what it represents is more important.

There are lots of combinations in putting up a logo on your webpage — just be conscious of why you’re choosing one approach over the other.


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