Voyager X

Voyager X (Explorer) is a concept by the new CIO, Aaron Madolora – a gaming app that aims to consolidate and utilize all platforms in Voyager. The game part aims to engage users in interacting with our products and services.

The App

The app begins with a map of the user’s location. In the map will be indicators of points of engagements and interactions.

On Making the World a Better Place

Corruption is the number one impediment to our country’s growth. “Transparency is the key,” he says.

If a citizen clearly sees where her tax money is going to, let alone it is going to good causes, she will trust the leaders in our country.

The game will enable users to band together for a good cause. For example, in the game it shows that there is a pothole in the road – users could contribute a certain amount that will get the road fixed. It’s like Kickstarter, only this one is integrated in the public sector.

On Making Money (of course)

In the game, users would see locations where there are promotions. It’s like Foursquare. The app could have mini games inside it and when the user solves a puzzle, she will be able to unlock a prize.

Truly a Vision

This idea is far-reaching. It is near-alien it is shaking from where we stand. It warrants a new structure in the organization, in the workflow, in the skillsets. But this is where we’re headed.

And a visionary is just what we need.


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