Windows Search: XP – 1; 7 – 0

Windows XP has Benny the dog while Windows 7 has none.


Due to clumsiness, I lost a Photoshop file I was working on last Friday. It was an Android “mock-app” and prior to working on it, it was supposed to be a template file so the file name was something like “android-app_template_1a.psd.

Now, it’s Monday and it’s back to work, I was looking for the file with the project file name in mind. So, tough luck for me finding it.

I know, I could have looked up files modified by Friday but Windows 7 Search thinks you could just describe what you’re searching for in the Search field.

Windows Search: XP - 1; 7 - 0
Thought so…

I never had this “difficulty’ in Windows XP. Makes me miss Benny the dog whom we shooed away far too many times. *sniff*

Windows Search: XP - 1; 7 - 0
Hi, my name is not Benny and I’m never coming back.

Since we can’t do anything about it, might as well memorize operators, keywords, and wildcards for Windows 7 Search.


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