Wretched Stadium

October 2006, Cavite City

Located on the Cavite National High School grounds, the Montano Hall and Stadium was one of the most sought-after sports venues in Cavite City. But now, it is forsaken; taken for granted due to budget constraints.

Treading round the oval was a rather gruff experience. What was once an agreeable track for athletes is now a shelter for wildlife.

During weekends, kids used to fly kites in the clear field. Even from kilometers away, people knew that kites buzzing up the blue sky were rooting from Montano.

It has almost been seven years since Southern Tagalog Regional Athletic Association (STRAA) organized a meet here.

In the grandstand, we were required to watch and support our classmates participating in different sports competitions. We squeezed ourselves in only to get seats at the front portion where teachers clearly saw that we were just goofing around. Everybody wanted the privacy of the outermost seats entailed.

Rooms underneath the grandstand were already inhabited by ghosts.

There were sweet canopies of trash.

Lastly, my all-time favorite – the graffiti on the walls; the love struck moments of high school life forever inked on temporary surfaces.


Mahal na mahal kita kahit mahal mo’y iba pero sana maturuan mo naman ang puso mo na mahalin ako. (I really, really love you even if you love someone else but I hope you will be able to teach your heart to love me.)

AJ #23


I love you more than you’ll never now.
Is hard to believe.


Mary Hope Reyes,

Kung hindi magiging tayo papatayin kita. (If we will never be together, I will kill you.)

By: OS

Cyrly #08

Youre Love

First Time

I Alway Love You


Kua Jhon

Sana malaman mo na ikaw lang ang tunay kong mahal at pinapangarap na maging asawa! (I hope for you to know that you are the only one I truly love and dreaming of to be a partner in life!)

Camera Information:

Model: Canon EOS 350D Digital
Lens: Canon EF Lens 50mm f1.8 II

Additional Information:

From the original camera files, I edited the photographs using Adobe Photoshop CS2 in these following steps:

  1. Background Layer converted to Layer 0
  2. Straighten using photographic horizontal / vertical references (this is optional)
  3. Canvas Resize to 460 x 306
  4. Image Resize (equivalent to image cropping)
  5. Crop – Cropped Area: Delete
  6. Auto Contrast
  7. Shadow / Highlight (default settings)
  8. Fade 50%
  9. Unsharp Mask (default settings)
  10. Fade 50%
  11. Neat Image – Preset: Remove Only Half of Noise
  12. Auto Contrast
  13. Save As JPEG – Quality: 12, Format Options: Baseline ("Standard")

After these, I edited the JPEGs using Adobe Lightroom Public Beta 3 in these following steps:

  1. Develop Module – Linear Contrast Preset
  2. Develop Module – Lens Vignetting – Amount: -75, Midpoint: 25
  3. Export – File Format: JPEG, Quality: 100, Resolution: 72


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  1. Ha ha ha, nakakatawa talaga ‘tong blog na ‘to.

  2. Brian, you have to stop posting comments on your own entries. It’s too sad.

  3. Anyway, my favourite here is the 4th shot, where part of the roof is missing from the grandstand. 😀

  4. gusto ko yung graffiti! papatayin kita! ahahaha

  5. Anonymous Avatar

    grabe…ang ibang klase nkkatakot c OS magmahal….hhahahaa….nice photo bri.

  6. faith Avatar

    grabe….ang cornie ung mga kwots sa pader….hhehe..nice photo bri.

  7. hye Brian..mabuhay! i like the graffiti on the walls..wow kind of Shakespeares poems..haha

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