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  • Reading List: Week 4, March 2022

    The more one studies attempted solutions to problems in politics, economics, in art, philosophy, and religion, the more one has the impression of extremely gifted people wearing out their ingenuity at the impossible and futile task of trying to get the water of life into neat and permanent packages.Alan W. Watts

  • Reading List: Week 3, March 2022

    When we give from the heart, we do so out of the joy that springs forth whenever we willingly enrich another person’s life. This kind of giving benefits both the giver and the receiver. The receiver enjoys the gift without worrying about the consequences that accompany gifts given out of fear, guilt, shame, or desire…

  • Reading List: Week 2, March 2022

    So for the individual, the benefit of work-from-anywhere hybrid is geographic flexibility, that I can choose where to live. That can be dictated by cost of living, or proximity to family, choice of food, climate or health condition. There can be a thousand reasons why people like a place.Dr Prithwiraj Choudhury

  • Reading List: Week 1, March 2022

    Become real human-being and treat everyone in your team as your superpower, and not just replaceable individuals. Truly caring about your people means setting real values and anticipating the best.Deby Joevita

  • Reading List: Week 4, February 2022

    No strategy is better than its execution. … You can go very, very far with world-class execution whereas you will go nowhere, no matter how brilliant your strategy is … so execution really needs to come first because strategy is not something you can navigate if you don’t know how to execute.Frank Slootman

  • Reading List: Week 3, February 2022

    Tastes change, cultural forces ebb and flow, and the industry needs to ride those waves to survive. It has been said that originality in the truest sense doesn’t exist—that in order to make, you need to take.Nicholas Lam

  • Reading List: Week 2, February 2022

    We conform because we believe that others’ interpretation of an ambiguous situation is more accurate than ours and will help us choose an appropriate course of action.Elliot Aronson, Timothy Wilson and Robin Akert

  • Reading List: Week 1, February 2022

    These days, designers largely observe industry best practices to build approachable products. Many of these practices are codified into design systems and easy to implement, making straightforward, well-designed — albeit simply designed — sites and apps ubiquitous.Carly Ayres

  • Reading List: Week 4, January 2022

    It is almost easier to define what hybrid work is by looking at what it isn’t. Is your company fully-remote? Is it fully in-person? If your answer is no to both of these questions, then you are hybrid.Rajiv Ayyangar

  • Reading List: Week 3, January 2022

    If multiple teams were given the same goal to achieve then many of the principles of agility would organically begin to show up. Teams would have to self-organize ways of communicating between each other, knowledge management, status reporting, blockers, dependencies and everything in between.Jeff Gothelf