Category: The Ride

  • Colors

    So many colors in this distraction Brown hair makes her lips more red Words would not describe what I’m seeing I try to hold my tongue but it’s useless She makes my heart scream color I know by now she should have found me out Every sense I have has been exhausted But color makes…

  • Allison

    It’s so funny to be seeing you after so long, girl And with the way you look I understand That you were not impressed But I heard you let that little friend of mine Take off your party dress

  • Over and Over

    And I keep saying over and over and over and over again Let it rain, let it rain Over and over and over and over again Let it rain, let it rain

  • Maggi Mysabaw

    On the corner of Farmers Market, people were buzzing around a pile of boxes and what it seemed was a woman being trampled upon. As I walked by, a promo girl shoved a pack of folded yellow cardboard. Opening the thing, I knew it was for moms. There were seven Maggi Mysabaw sachets tucked neatly…

  • Goldilocks Polvoron Classic

    I bought a pack of polvoron from Goldilocks so it wouldn’t be embarrassing buying just two sticks of candles. My first encounter with their polvoron was when my grandmother visited us and she brought it as pasalubong. It was in 1996, I guess. Since then, I always liked the taste.

  • We Feel Like Your Upper Lip

    I pack my bag and lock the door. Behind me will always be an aftereffect of typhoon; a merrymaking that only happens here. This time, the carpet of Plumeria lies there undisturbed. They will be swept away later on. And so will I.

  • Nike Free 5.0 v4

    Barefoot training? We will see. I have been to several running events using my Nike Tiempo Natural II IC – which is for soccer – and I bought these for recreational basketball. These are not the best shoes for running and basketball but they served the purpose of not having me wear the Forrest Gump…

  • Casio F-91W

    From left to right: Casio MQ-27, Casio LQ-27W, and Casio F-91W. Those 1 bazillion-lap Timex Ironman watches were too expensive so I bought this oldtime Casio F-91W.

  • Monday Morning

    What a day to be alive What a day to realize I’m not dead What a day to save a dime What a day to die trying – What a Day by Greg Laswell

  • Shadow Cast

    I grabbed a Gatorade from the fridge and smashed it onto my head. The scalp was begging for some hard massage. The carton box flung as I punched it, hoping to drill a hole through and through. Two thuds from my left and right foot rung the entire second floor. There was no shadow in…