Category: The Ride

  • Looking Glass

    Rannie Taxi, 9:50 AM – I was running late as usual. The weather was almost humid; hotter than the other days. As I stepped out of the gate, it emerged as a getaway vehicle. The first thing I noticed was the water-stained window. It is all right to see through the looking glass in a…

  • Golden Cup

    Come, let me sing into your ear Those dancing days are gone All that silk and satin gear Crouch upon a stone Wrapping that foul body up In as foul a rag

  • Let the Sunshine

    A dream of togetherness Turned into a brighter mess A faint sign, my spoken best Now, now Make way for the simple hours No finding the time, it’s ours A fate or it’s a desire I know

  • Dandelion

    The female character in my prose is nameless.

  • Another Night

    Disregarding the fact that it is my cousin’s birthday, I remember how we once celebrated All Saints’ Day. Grandma dangled all the doorknobs in my auntie’s house with rosaries. It kept all the spirits from entering the rooms, she said. She offered food for the departed. A sole plate full of the same birthday meal…

  • Coming Home

    First day of November, All Saints’ Day. It is mandatory to come home. There is a family reunion whether you’re alive or not. And the carnival – who would want to miss the awesome carnival in the evening? I hitched from Quezon City to Cavite City in my brother’s car. With the booze from last night…

  • Take Your Lucky Break

    Too many people going underground Too many reaching for a piece of cake Too many people pulled and pushed around Too many waiting for that lucky break

  • Cheesecake, Beefcake, and Dear Old Clara

    I caught her taking a swig out of the orange juice tetra pack. There was a steady stream about her cheek. A clownish commotion in the living room was taking the spotlight. That was where I left Cheesecake and Beefcake. They were the cheeky aunties of dear old Clara. You noticed her when she came…

  • Yesterday’s Silence

    I was locked to read your eyes like an old Latin prayer book. Only the punctuations I had understood; and the blessing of your apparition. Only this pillow set us apart like a mountain that bid only signals to commune; but I was able to caress your hand. How time crawled. The day brightened, it…

  • D Adbentyur of Timz en Mitz

    Timz: Auf, IYAK AQ sa banyo nila jaylord..=( wag ka nalang maengay ah.. huhu iayk talga aq huhu.. Timz: Wala ka.. =) magmomove-on na ko.. xkt na. Timz: Iniwan mq sa ere.. magmomove-on nq..=( naka ilang iyak nq. Timz: Wala na.. =) makakalimutan dn kta. huhu nd nq iiyak sa trpa..wla k nangiwan ka sa…