Cheescake, Beefcake, and Dear Old Clara

I caught her taking a swig out of the orange juice tetra pack. There was a steady stream about her cheek.

A clownish commotion in the living room was taking the spotlight. That was where I left Cheesecake and Beefcake. They were the cheeky aunties of dear old Clara. You noticed her when she came in just right after me, didn’t you? There were bright drip-drops on her fleece-white polo shirt.

Beefcake was foolishly attaching this He-Man arm to this He-Man body that she got from an Ovaltine pack. Cheescake was jitterbugging to Frank Sinatra’s Dancing on the Ceiling. What irony, I thought. Even this look that dear old Clara had was utter perplexity. We could not grasp what was going on in Cheescake’s click-clacking head.

Finally, we said, “That’s cheeky cheeky bonbon, Cheesecake.” Morosely.

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