Documenting your work as a designer: An overview

Last month, I’ve wrapped-up with the 4th part of a talk that I’ve shared with the UX design team: Documenting your work as a designer. This topic tackles the other side of design work (and any work, in general), which is documenting your experiences and learnings from projects.


  • Part 1: The whys and hows – anchor the documentation activity on a purpose
  • Part 2: The process – making sense of the documentations and keeping them meaningful
  • Part 3: The case of the briefcase & showcase – curations
  • Part 4: The work – getting your hands dirty

The talk goes from abstract concepts towards concrete steps in starting a portfolio curation. What each of us actually produced were our top 3 highlights of last year.

Selected thoughts

We are in a fast-paced environment
Documenting is capturing time
Capture the important stuff
The importance of documentations
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