First Day High

Woke up early morn scampering to find all the knickknacks that once filled up my backpack. I emptied it since March early this year and retired it into a forgotten corner of the house. The quarantine’s end wasn’t in sight, after all. All the things that I think I might need when in the office were all lined up on my desk — they are the following:

  • water tumbler
  • coffee tumbler
  • laptop computer
  • notebook and pen
  • battery pack
  • umbrella
  • digital pouch
  • toiletry pouch
  • shades
  • jacket

The bag? Yes, it’s nowhere to be found. I was about to check a mountain of luggage one by one and thankfully, Jaycelle was half-awake to tell me that it might be in a box full of bags. There it was, my old army green friend.

My MRT Ride
My bag and I, we’ve been through thick and thin.

Pasok, day 1

Our chapter was having a retrospective and goal-setting for the coming year. It was my first day at the office having a work-related agenda. Been there twice before — first, during the job interview and second, when I took home a free office chair.

Numerous virtual meetings and bilas (bilateral meetings) made me feel comfortable around them — Minco (managing director) and Karren (chapter lead). I think I’ll feel the same way when I meet the UX design team themselves (and I’m looking forward to that).

Minco and Karren
Karren and Minco coming from lunch.

Inside Looking Out

Here are some photos on my way from Mandaluyong City to Ayala Ave.

Santa's in Town
Santa Claus and the cool weather are here again
Some personnels in PPE roaming at Guadalupe.
A security guard walking along EDSA, near Buendia Ave.
A guy waiting at a bus stop.
A traffic police on his phone.
Ninoy Aquino’s statue at the corner of Ayala Ave. and Paseo de Roxas.
Visual Indicator
When you see this, you know it’s for going up or down.
At Avaloq Pantry
A self-portrait at the Avaloq pantry.


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