Reading List: Week 1, June 2022

Just because someone presents an argument, it does not mean that it is as valid as another point of view. Trying to meet in the middle with a false compromise could lead you further from the truth or away from the correct conclusion.

The false compromise fallacy: why the middle ground is not always the best

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Being an empathetic leader means fighting against your own biases, listening carefully to your reports, then using any privileges you have (by virtue of your leadership role or other factors) to take action on their behalf.

A Manager’s Guide to Helping Teams Face Down Uncertainty, Burnout and Perfectionism

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Almost anyone you know and respect as a writer is known and respected because they’re able to muster brute, linear willfulness. Even if they use Roam Research or whatever, if they’re actually publishing a real body of work, then it’s their brute linear willfulness despite the handicapping of knowledge graph overwhelm.

Personal Knowledge Management is Bullshit

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But the deferred life plan was a bit more sinister. It was an elusive pursuit of fleeting happiness. It was a flawed belief that my life would start once I hit “my number.” Or when I retired at sixty.

Saying goodbye to the “deferred life plan”

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