Reading List: Week 5, May 2022

Instead of blindly following organisational goals, servant leaders prioritise the well-being and development of individuals within their team. This results in better engagement, better mental health, and better personal growth.

Servant leadership: why being a servant leader is worth the work

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Say you’re about to announce a decision. But instead of falling back on your authority to justify it — because after all, you’re the boss and what you say goes — imagine you have to justify your decision. You have to walk people through your data and analysis.

To Avoid Making These 7 Classic Strategic Mistakes, Science Says Ask Yourself 5 Questions

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I wish knew that it was OK to ask questions and that it’s OK to fail.

“What I wish I’d known when I started my career”: 11 innovators tell us

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From the inside, via introspection, each of us feels that our beliefs are pretty damn sensible. Sure we might harbor a bit of doubt here and there. But for the most part, we imagine we have a firm grip on reality; we don’t lie awake at night fearing that we’re massively deluded.

Crony Beliefs

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