Reading List: Week 3, August 2021

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If you have skills, commitment and passion, careers tend to take care of themselves. Over the long haul, it really doesn’t matter if you have a few years when your career is in canter mode while you prioritise young children.

The career advice I wish I had at 25
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Photo by Armand Khoury

The idea that our brains are essentially Russian dolls of diminishing complexity is a concept that’s fairly easy for us to grasp. That’s part of why this myth is so compelling, Barrett says, especially when the truth can’t be boiled down to a neat, simple idea.

It’s Time To Correct Neuroscience Myths
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Photo by verdian chua

But it’s important to ask: Are immoral people attracted to industries where there are big rewards for bad behavior? Or do big rewards for bad behavior cause good people to slide into immorality, justifying their decisions along the way?

Other People’s Mistakes
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Photo by Vince Fleming

Social media more generally have overturned naming and credentials practices. The good side is the neutering of titles. The bad side is the elevation of popularity in their place.

Stop Calling Professors ‘Professor’
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Photo by Austin Kehmeier


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