Reading List: Week 3, September 2021

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But they often lie; elite opinion often overrules expert opinion, especially on topics with strong moral colors. And elites are selected far more for prestige than expertise.

Experts Versus Elites
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Photo by Cash Macanaya

Workers aren’t just looking for higher pay, more time off, or more days at home (though those things would surely help in the short term). They’re actually questioning the whole meaning of the daily grind.

The Biggest Truth Most Leaders Misunderstand About ‘the Great Resignation’
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Photo by Luis Villasmil

The regrets that will trouble us the most are not the mistakes or errors we made, but rather the actions we failed to take.

The psychology of regret: how inaction affects our sense of self
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Photo by Jordan Whitt

The choice and successful pursuit of a profession is but one tool for achieving your purpose. But without a purpose, life can become hollow.

How Will You Measure Your Life?
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Photo by Sven Mieke


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