Reading List: Week 5, January 2023

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In this new work world, it is more important than ever for leaders to build an environment where individuals feel safe, supported and respected.

Carmen Whitney Orr in Why 2023 should be the year of the empathetic leader

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The truth, though, is that everyone is muddling through life, doing their best to keep the wolf from the door, and to have a few laughs along the way.

Jonny Thomson in Can’t move on? Here’s what the Buddhist idea of anattā teaches about letting go

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The company continues to produce value incidentally through inertia, but it’s now much harder to steer, and there is a lot of inefficiency and waste. If the world changes significantly it’ll have a harder time pivoting.

Raemon in Recursive Middle Manager Hell

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Rather than thinking that our failures make us weak, unworthy or isolate us from others, this pillar of self-compassion encourages us to foster a sense of universal belonging.

Dr. Hannah Rose in The Abilene paradox: When not rocking the boat may sink the boat

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