Working with Chikka Design Team

Karin Alody Chan was part of Chikka Design Team as front-end designer. She has graduated from the position and currently pursues web design. This is her essay from an exit interview.

Working with Chikka Design Team has given me an opportunity not just to grow in terms of career but also with personal development.

Before I started working at Chikka, I didn’t have any confidence with my design and front-end skills because I know that I was a bit behind with all the new stuff that has been going on with the design industry, but because I’m passionate with what I do, I decided to challenge myself to be open to new things.

Everyone in the team has their specialization and common knowledge when it comes to UI/UX but this didn’t hinder them to learn new things and make design as a lifestyle. I like that we’re open to discussion and our team lead wants us to be innovative. I felt like I was in college because of the environment – in college we were trained to have the courage to talk about our design ideas and  be able to defend our designs – like every detail should have a purpose and not just design something and put it in an empty space as filler. That’s what I felt with the team.

I am grateful that I was part of it. What I learned is that being humble is the most important thing you need to have if you’re working for a company because we learn to admit to ourselves that we’re not right all the time. I know there were times that maybe I try to defend my designs too much but it has taught me that sometimes it’s okay to just listen and accept other people’s perspective.

I think that this is, so far, the best team I have ever been to. I hope everyone the best of luck in the near future.


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