10 months, 10 lessons in Avaloq

Recently, we had an event in Avaloq called Open Mic Session. It was a small event for Avaloq Manila (Philippines) and Pune (India), along with the executive board. It had two topic categories which was voted for by employees. The first category was official company business and the second one were topics submitted by anyone who wished to share anything — a hobby, an advocacy, project accomplishments, or anything under the sun, really.

One of the three employee topics that was voted in was mine. It was all about my learnings and realizations in the ten months that I’ve been with Avaloq. It was timely to sit down and introspect how I’ve been in these past months — from being torn about transitioning into a different organization during the pandemic to being fulfilled that I’ve struck while the iron is hot. It was equally timely to share it with my colleagues, as well.

Here’s a transcript of my presentation:


Hello to my colleagues in Manila, Philippines (esp. to the UX design team), Pune, India, and Zurich Switzerland. And of course, to others who are in different locations. Thank you to all those who voted for my topic.

A map showing the location of Zürich, Switzerland, Pune, India, and Manila, Philippines.

My name is Dys. I’m with Johann in the design team. I do UX design for web and mobile banking, as well as managing the design team here in Manila.


I joined Avaloq in May last year. So, I’m fairly new. In the 10 months that I’ve been here, there are many things that help me adapt in this new environment. Let me have the honor of sharing with you 10 things that I’ve learned & continuously realizing while working in Avaloq.

10 months, 10 lessons in Avaloq
The cover slide of 10 months, 10 lessons in Avaloq by Brian Dys Sahagun

10. Avaloq delivers on my career expectations

Around March last year, I made a leap of faith when I accepted Avaloq’s offer. It was at the start of lockdowns and the pandemic, after all. Apart from being scared, I was excited because every aspect was a step up from my previous career. Fast forward to now, the level up experience is true — there are many new things that I face and these challenges keep me learning & growing.

Avaloq delivers
Slide number 10: Avaloq delivers on my career expectations.

9. Our company provides confidence in this uncertain times

Avaloq’s response to the pandemic gives me confidence that despite being in this challenging times, we are in a stable and growing organization.

Slide number 9: Our company provides confidence in this uncertain times.

8. We are Avaloq, we lead Avaloq

With a level of autonomy, we take ownership of our work. We are empowered to contribute and influence the direction of projects.

We are Avaloq
Slide number 8: We are Avaloq, we lead Avaloq.

7. We are empowered to be heard

We have tools and processes in place that create a safe environment for us to listen and to be heard. We have an engaging feedback platform and my managers are open to listening and coaching.

Be heard
Slide number 7: We are empowered to be heard.

6. The support system is strong

When I joined Avaloq, the team were there to help me onboard quickly. Until now, whenever I would need help from them, they are engaged and supportive.

Support system
Slide number 6: The support system is strong.

5. Make the most out of meetings

Meetings, virtual or otherwise, are our opportunities to contribute to plans and our voices to be heard. And also bilas (or bilaterals) — it really helps in alignments and being on the same page with people.

Slide number 5: Make the most out of meetings.

4. In collaboration we thrive

Rarely that we, alone, got it all figured out. That’s why when we work together, we gain different perspectives of the same thing. And that makes solving problems faster.

Slide number 4: In collaboration we thrive.

3. Highs and lows, they’re part of it

Whatever happens, it’s our perspective that we have control of. As long as we learn from experiences, it’s all good.

High and lows
Slide number 3: Highs and lows, they’re part of it.

2. Have something or someone to be thankful for

A little help from my teammate, my manager who’s coaching me. Acknowledgement of these things helps me pay it forward to others as well.

Be thankful
Slide number 2: Have something or someone to be thankful for.

And for the most important thing…

1. Have fun at work and enjoy the thing that you do

That’s what my manager actually said during my 1st week at Avaloq.

Have fun
Slide number 1: Have fun at work and enjoy the thing that you do.


Especially during these challenging times, looking at the brighter side of things surely helps.

Thank you everyone! Stay safe and healthy.

The presentation was only 5 minutes long and I had fun sharing it from this side of the world. If any, it was a message of inspiration to make good sense of different situations that we maybe in.

In 2 months, I’ll be celebrating my first year with Avaloq and it’s a new chapter for me. I’ll find out what’s next!

Video presentation

The video presentation of 10 months, 10 lessons in Avaloq.


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