Avaloq Philam Life

The first time I’ve been at Avaloq’s office at Philam Life building was during my second interview. I was impressed by the interior design of the pantry. There by the couch were some company brochures in the style of a newspaper. I took one home to familiarize myself with the new company that I was planning to join.

Fast forward to almost a year, I was back to this office to get a Macbook device which was an official issue for UX designers.

Avaloq Mac Device
A top view of Apple devices.

While waiting, I hang out by the pantry and had some coffee. There were wine bottles and glasses on the wall but only as decor (they were empty, I checked).

Brian Dys at Avaloq Pantry, Philam Life
Brian Dys drinking coffee at the office pantry.

Outside, during lunch, it was a typical workday — only that everyone’s wearing face shields and masks. There were many people lining up at Dunkin’ at Paseo Center. I went to Yellow Cab for a grub.

Ayala Ave. cor. Paseo de Roxas
Ayala Ave. with light traffic and the statue of Ninoy Aquino.

I was oblivious to the fact that some companies have their employees back on site until I went to the office myself. This was also evident on the road, by the number of vehicles going somewhere. Life goes on, indeed, with the pandemic still as dangerous as it started — we just managed to become familiar of how to stay safe in the outside world. I hope complacency in being careful does not get the best of anyone.

An MMDA enforcer and a motorcycle rider at EDSA near Reliance St.

It was a Friday — a celebratory day wherein just last year when my officemates / friends would go out for dinner and some drinks, and sometimes the office turned on its party mode. Now, I had to rush home to avoid the heavy traffic in EDSA.

What permanently changed, we’ll only know as we’re putting old normal things one by one into the new normal.

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