Category: The Ride

  • Old Negatives

    I had the negatives of my first birthday scanned. It’s funny to see yourself in such age.. where today, you don’t remember a thing you were doing. On the other hand, looking at these ancient pictures of your families brings longing for those days to liven up. Loved ones are still alive.. smiling, enemies are…

  • Lost

    Lately, I was hooked with Lost. I am already at Season 1, Episode 18. Later, I will post a gallery of close-up shots of eyes.

  • After A Long While

    I posted the latest roll of film I consumed. This was stuck in the camera for over a month, and last week I had the last exposure. I had it processed last night. Check out the .

  • My New Photo Shop

    For a change, I went to Konica Digital at Glorieta. It was right in front of the right side of SM. I wanted to know if they were scanning negatives as high as the scans at Konica Digital in Greenbelt. Second, I wanted to find out if the fee was cheaper. Here is a table…

  • The Longest Word

    What could beat a chemical formula? The longest official word ever (1,913 letters) is the term for the formula C1289H2051N343O375S8. Source

  • The Tough Bastard

    Why does it feel cool when you’re sporting some band-aid on your face? Even taking medications is like a stage play.. spotlight on you. It feels popular to be assisted by crutches. It doesn’t matter if it was a motocross accident or just a banana peel that got you. If you survived and getting better,…

  • Crowded MRT

    For the second time after I can’t remember how long my head became dizzy. I fell down the track as the train’s headlight flashed before my eyes. If this wasn’t just my imagination, it would have been my whole life that flashed. I spent the whole night at MRT Shaw Blvd. station. One. Two. Three.…

  • Lullaby

    Next to Diana Krall, I was hooked with Eva Cassidy’s voice. Sometimes you can’t describe why you like something. At first sight, you just do. What A Wonderful World (Live at Blues Alley) suits the subdued weather today.

  • LUNA

    Date: Sun, 7 Aug 2005 22:55:38 -0700 (PDT)From: paulaSubject: lyricsTo: Brian Sahagun Ey bri…tried writing a song. Here’s something. Dunno’ if it’s good enough though. Tae. Ang hirap magsulat uli. Eniweiz, ang nakikita ko po dito…simpleng di maingay na tunog. but hey, if tingin mo mas okay kung maingay…sabihin mo lang. hehe. Eniweiz, hope you…

  • I’ll Be Landing Soon

    I took a drug the whole day yesterday. I found my hands and legs moving on their own. No breakfast, no lunch. My tummy was qualmish way past noon and I just remembered bribing it. Before nine in the evening, I wanted to take off and buy some dinner. I wasn’t relieved that the sky…