IdeaSpace x AIM: Entrepreneurship Development Program – Day 9

Huge companies spending a lot of money just to get their message to you.

Huge companies are afraid of disruptions from startups.

Acquisition Strategy

Funnel Drawing

Traditional Approach

  • Awareness > Familiarity > Consideration > Purchase > Loyalty
  • Funnel, goes from big to small

Earned Media

  • Because customer is satisfied, they will recommend it

Paid Media

  • you pay for ad, but conversion rate is small because of trust issues in ads
  • so to have higher conversion, you pay higher

Loyalty / Keep Customers

  • loyalty program should not be about price or discounts (negative effect on revenue)


  • the free version is designed as acquisition strategy
  • it is about trial
  • make money on the upsell on the premium features

The Customer Involvement Grid

  • low involvement: can decide quickly

Positioning Statement

What is the special thing you’re offering

In which space do you play

Support reasons for the special thing


Core Messaging and the Message Box

  • Engagement Message
    • What problem of theirs can we solve?
  • Solution Message
    • Discuss ideal solution (no mention of brand)
  • Reinforcement Message
    • Introduce your solution; feature – benefit
  • Value Message
    • What will happen if they use your product

Map Message to Buying Process

If cost of acquisition is high, then per customer profitability is low.


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